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What can UXArmy do for me?

You can evaluate the experience of your Mobile Apps, Website & Prototypes using UXArmy online tooling and participants from our Panel of testers.

What's special about UXArmy?

UX is in our DNA. While doing User testing with UXArmy you have the flexibility of using UXArmy Online user test tooling or use our UX consultancy services - including Recruiment of respondents, Design and software development. With UXArmy online tooling, you can use your own testers or select from UXArmy Panel based on criteria of target audience.

What does a User tester do?

Members of our User Panel are real people like you and me. Normally they take two to three user studies a month and receive a small incentive in return. The testers are motivated to improve the Internet by their feedback and are happy to making themselves heard. Their objective to be on the Panel is to be associated with a platform or organization which is involved in constant improvement via feedback gathering.

How quickly will I receive results?

The results start showing up as soon as the first participant completes the study and successflly submits the results.

How many usability tests should I do?

There is no magic number of user tests to guarantee usability of your product. Usability testing should be integrated into your product development cycle. The resolution of a Usability problem gets costlier with the progress of development timeline and therefore, we recommend user validation at every milestone in your product development. Designers and User researchers could conduct short user studies for specific user interactions. User testing could also help in course correction via insights which might have been missed in earlier phases of your user research.

Can I do a free trial before I pay for a user test?

UXArmy online user test tooling is free if you use your own respondents. In case you wish participants from UXArmy User Panel, we charge per partcipant to cover the incentive for our Panelists.

How are users selected and qualified?

Anybody digitally savvy and interested in providing usage feedback can join our Panel. Trial User studies and reviews of profiles are conducted by UXArmy from time-to-time to ensure that the information about the Panelists is up-to-date.

Can I have my own users as testers?

Yes, you surely can.

Can I test my competitors' websites?

Yes, we support testing of competition websites.

Can I preview how my test will look before I send it out?

We are buiding support for that at the moment.

Can I watch the testers use a credit card?

This can be achieved. Some of our clients provide dummy credit card details for testers to use during the test. In case you don't have a dummy credit card then we can provide you with that information.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes. You'll receive a digital invoice via email, within 5 working days after your payment.

What do I do to get a refund?

Please write to us at

How do I analyze the data?

We can provide you a free run through of our platform with a sample user study. This can be arranged via writing to us via email at

Do the videos record both audio and video?

Yes, both Voice and Screen are recorded.

Can I send the results of my tests to other recipients?

You can share the videos with your team members.

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