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What is SECRET key and where can I find it?

Secret key is a unique identification for your UXArmy account and you must not disclose it to any other person than UXArmy support. Login to your UXArmy/UserAdvocate account on a COMPUTER to access your Secret key.

Why should I speak during the study?

The purpose of this user study is to understand your usage feedback of the App/ Website in the best way possible. Voice feedback along with Screen interactions helps us to make meaningful conclusions about the Design shortcomings and things that you like/dislike about the test App / Website. Even if it initially feels a bit awkward to speak to a phone, you'd get used to it quite quickly as you speak out your thoughts aloud.

What do I speak about when taking the User study?

You can speak about several things which would be very valuable to our clients when they hear your opinion. It's almost impossible to read your mind just by looking at how did you interact with the screen.
One of the easiest ways is to speak what you do and see during the study. In addition, here are some example situations and the way situation can be described using your voice.

  1. What you expect when you tap / click on a specific item on screen. for example, "I see this yellow button and if I tap on this, I'm hoping this would bring up the list of all available filters for property Search as an overlay...."
  2. This screen is what you expected or, did not expect. Example, "Oh so many icons on the Home screen? It looks really crowded to me. Few main and frequently used actions prominently shown would have been good enough"
  3. This outcome of an action is what you expected / you did not expect. Example, "Where is my work? I was hoping to see it as soon as I open this screen and not having to navigate though multiple screens to find my work"
  4. Something on the screen confuses you. Example "Would I lose the filter selections if I continue shopping on the App?" or, "I'm not sure what's the difference between 'Close' and 'Cancels' button...but let me take a chance and press Close".
  5. Something on the screen looks or feels very easy or very difficult. Exmpale, The wizard approach is a nice step-by-step approach but there are too many steps".
  6. Something on the screen feels unfriendly. For example "The label on the button is really like a strict order....".
  7. Your likes and dislikes about the interface as you go along. Give reasoning why you like or dislike certain thing. Example "I have seen a different way of setting Profile picture in WhatsApp and it really works well for me ...."
  8. Something about the way you completed a task using the test App / Website. Example "I wish booking a room can be easier, and yes, without having to keep nagging me for logging in....or creating an account..."

I am unable to understand what to do next. Looks like I'm stuck. What should I do?

It takes some time familiarising with the process. In case you can't figure out a solution, we are here to help. Send an email at describing the problem along with supporting screenshots.

How important is connection of my device to internet over Wi-Fi?

The results on the User study can only be sent over a stable Wi-Fi Internet connection. The user study may misbehave / fail to start, if you are not connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Is my face being recorded?

No, only screen and your voice is recorded during the user study.

When will the screen recording stop?

As soon as the test is completed or abandoned by you.

How much, how and when do I get paid for doing the User Study?

The amount of incentive varies for each user study. It depends on the type of User study, timeline and other factors like completeness and correctness of your Profile information. Payments are made via Paypal and initiated after your submissions have been reviewed and approved by the client.

Are there any specific steps that need to be taken care by me during the User Study?

To analyze your experience in a better way during the study, we record your screen and voice feedback while you take the study. The studies submitted with insufficient and unclear voice feedback are likely to be rejected by our clients. We also advise you to avoid accessing any personal or sensitive information during the study.

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