Frequently asked questions

Do I need to download any other software?

Yes, only once! You have to install Android/iOS app as per your Mobile Manufacturer and OS, to install the app you have to search on Play Store/App Store as “UserAdvocate”. In case you want to install it directly, you can do this on tapping Android app or iOS app.

From Where I can download the User Advocate App?

What are the minimum requirements to install Android UXArmy User Advocate app?

You should have Device with Android 5.0(lollipop) or above.

What are the minimum requirements to install iOS UXArmy User Advocate app?

You should have Device with iOS 11.0.0 or above.

How can I take a test using the UXArmy User Advocate app for Android/iOS?

You can visit “Link of the Step by step document”.

I got a test on my email that says “You have to use the UXArmy User Advocate app to take it”. What does that mean?

After joining UXArmy User Panel and according to your demographics details, you will get an invitation for taking user study via email.
Email has complete details on how to start your test like downloading UXArmy User Advocate App, Secret key etc. You will also find the link to step by step document to guide.

How much will I be paid for tests that I complete with the UXArmy User Advocate app?

Different type of test having different payments. It can be 10$ or 25$.

Can I take the User Study if I Skip/block the microphone permission?

No, Without allowing the Voice permission User Study will not start.

Can I take the User Study if I don’t allow to capture screen?

No, Without allowing the screen recording permission User Study will not start.

Can I take Mobile Website User Study without joining User Advocate Panel?

Yes, you can take this without joining UXArmy panel via Invitation key.

How much Time needed to take Mobile User Study on my Mobile?

It depends on User Study, typically it would be 10 to 60 minutes.

Can It make me possible to do calling or any other task when User Study recording getting Uploading?

Yes, you can receive phone calls and messages during the User Study, we suggest you avoid that during the user study.

Do I need to Install User Advocate App every time when I will receive a new invitation for User study?

No, you have to install the User Advocate app only one time and you can attend all User Studies using this app.

My User Study goes well but feedback/ recording cannot be uploaded successfully due to the Internet or another technical issue, is it taken as completed study and I can get my Rewards?

No, you have not rewarded until you upload the video recording of the user study if you feel any difficulty you can contact on our support at any time at Also, we suggest you please start user study when you connected to a strong wifi connection.

During the User Study My Mobile got switched off, What can I do in this case?

Don’t worry when you restart your mobile then you have to open the User Advocate app to start the user study again, you can start the user study again until you have uploaded the Video.

After upload the Video recording of the User Study, I feel that I have not done well and want to take user study again, then what can I do?

Yes, you can attend the user study again by requesting our support at

If few things are not done in the previous task, and I moved to the next one, can I able to go back to complete the remaining things and submit feedback?

No, you can’t go back to previous tasks once you have completed any task, but don’t worry you can start the study again, you can kill the User Advocate app and start the study again from the beginning.

Can I take User study on any other browser on Mobile without using User Advocate app?

Sorry, we are not supporting to take the test without the User Advocate app, you have to install the user Advocate app to take the user study.

How can I get the Secret Key to attempt User Study without joining the User Advocate Panel?

You can take the Invite Key from User Study Owner.

What are the different types of devices suitable to take Mobile User Studies?

Smartphones, Tablets, and iPads, for Android having 5.0 or above and iOS having 11.0.0 or above.

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